We are a church that places great importance on the great commission. We believe in preaching the gospel to all nations, engaging in missions through training, giving, sending out of missionaries (both short and long-term), church-planting, partnering and networking, and always having upon our hearts the desire to fulfill Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations.

We desire to be a people who know the times and seasons we are living in and be at the cutting-edge of God’s move. We seek to be a clear voice used by God to proclaim His purposes and plans for His church and the nations.

We seek to be a church aligned to His divine plumb-line by which others will take their measurements from. We want to be an example in excellence so that we can influence and impact every strata of society for His glory.

We desire to see every believer trained to intercede and be committed to praying individually and corporately; beyond our personal needs to carrying the Lord’s burden for the nations. We seek to be a house of prayer, where fervent and effective prayer undergirds all that we do.

We exist to become a dwelling place for God’s PRESENCE & for people to ENCOUNTER Him.

We seek to offer true and pleasing worship to the Lord. We are His dwelling place, a conduit for His holiness and glory to be powerfully manifested.

We are livingstones connected and fitted together in love and unity. We are connected relationally in a network of cell communities and committed in genuine love and service to one another for the purpose of growing in Christ-likeness.

We are called to be volunteers in the day of His power. God has not called us to be a professional army; He is calling us to be a volunteer army. We must not be bound by the spirit of entitlement but avail ourselves to serve voluntarily and with zeal for the Lord’s house, advancing His kingdom and purposes on earth.

We are a people sanctified by Christ through the work of the holy spirit, holy and without blemish, having an onward vision towards spiritual Zion, longing and yearning for the coming of the bridegroom, and making every effort to get ready for the return of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.